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Hey, I'm Phaleo, or Phae/Fae. I have been drawing for about three years, I write sometimes, though I fail at it, and I want to be a professional animator so I can bring my stories and characters to life. I'm mostly going to be posting art here though.

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Murderous Bandwagon (writing thing)

Posted by Phaleo - 7 days ago

hey so I wrote an ugly thing 39483938943 years ago and it's very ugly and I know his isn't news or anythings but writing is d̶e̶a̶d̶ cool!

A bulky mass of armor and clothing trudged through the forest, turning its head with each sound it heard. It jumped in surprise when a bushed rustled. In panic, the mess ran behind a tree, staring at what was just a small raptor trotting out. It lifted its snout, sniffing out the area a little, but after that, it hurried away. The mess sighed, before stepping out. It took off its bulky helmet, revealing some kind of small she-marsupial underneath. She held the straps of the helmet, looking around to where she was going. Starstorm camp couldn't be TOO far from here . . .  could it? All she had been doing was hunting (She failed). Okay . . . MAYBE she accidentally stepped into the labrynth that was the Corona territory . . . and MAYBE a wolf had chased her off, but it's not like she could have gotten sidetracked, and gotten lost! She's FAR too good at sniffing down her own pack . . . It's common sense that kits learn at a very young age.

She snarled bitterly, and continued glancing around. Her pupils turned into slits at the sight of something; She could have sworn that the forest was barren of others, but . . . she saw a pair of . . . eyes? Peeking through one of the bushes. She panicked, realizing that her markings must have been blinking with her thoughts, and she quickly put she bulky helmet back on. How ridiculous.  Mediocre villaining skills. REAL villains aren't mediocre, but that's just because everyone is stupid and dumb, and-

The bush rustled, as she saw a large paw stomp out. Yep. Time to go,

After a long while of running, she had finally found her way back to the Starstorm territory, being greeted by all the terrifying suits of armor that a cougar that she heard of named Tourmaline made. As she tried to walk over to her own den, a bunch of bipedal clan mates that she hadn't known the names of squawked at her, and stared her down. They had a face similar to a raptor's, but they were heavily coated with fur, and their paws only had two large fingers, excluding the dew claw. These were called bandits, a native Grey-moon species.

As their names suggested, they had a reputation for stealing things, whereas the entire Starstorm clan was known for theivory.

She took off the suit to hang it up on one of the root-hook things, and walked back out of her den to be greeted by a quetzalcoatl with legs, and a giant studded scarf . . . not to mention a creepy smile.

The canine lit up in surprise, as the quetzalcoatl flicked her tongue at her, quickly dropping the smile when she saw that the canine had come home empty-pawed.

"Greetingssss, Canis Marpis Ssslink," The quetzalcoatl hissed roughly. "Where's the prey?" She asked dully.

Slink looked to the side.

"Uh . . . I- I didn't catch anything, Lord Starstorm."

"Hmph," The quetzalcoatl hissed. Slink blinked her  markings in confusion, and looked at Starstorm's soulless gaze.

"So . . . uh . . . was that it, or . . ."

"I have news to share," Starstorm replied simply. "The Steillitiks Clan have claimed some of our territory."

"Ew," responded Slink. "Aren't they the  enemy tribe? I don't like them. How could you let them rein over out te-"

"Hush," Starstorm snapped. "First of all, WE'RE the enemy territory," Starstorm growled. "Secondly, we're not treated as a valid pack because of how recent out clan is." Starstorm pointed over to all the armors, and chemicals held in small veils. "We're one of the most intelligent clans on the Grey Moon. Yet we're degraded . For what reason other than we're . . . What? Eeeevil?" She cackled, as all the small animals cackled in unison. Starstorm glanced back at Slink, who backed up a little with the markings on her face lit up.

"But you . . . You were the best thing I've stolen, and you're my partner in crime. Slink ignored that and raised her paw a little.

"Yes?" Starstorm hissed.

"I-- uh . . . isn't Rex Steillitiks a herbalist? Are those rare among packs?" Starstorm ignored that, and continued to stare Slink down.

"But dear . . . what I'm asking of you is . . . tomorrow I wasn't you to get that fancy armor on, and start patrolling the Steillitiks territory." Slink wrinkled her snout a little, and looked to the side. This . . . this DID seem shady, but even if Starstorm is a supposed bad guy, she- she wouldn't LIE, would she?

However, there had been many reports of the Steillitiks clan reining over more territory, mainly for the reason that the Starstorm clan hadn't claimed any; Most people just recognized them as a loner pack. No, and EVIL SCARY loner pack.

"Alright," Slink said lifelessly. "I'll do it."

"Wonderful," Starstorm said slyly. "The execution will start tomorrow." Slink stared at her for a moment.

"The uh. . . execution miss?"

"You know," Starstorm said. "Of Alpha Wishflower, and Hailstorm."

". . . Hm?" She thought, as a couple of armed raptors, and a few armed bandits shot final glances towards her and Starstorm, before walking out. All that could be heard was a growl, and Starstorm's whisper-y cackling.

She couldn't see this going too well.

and in conclusion